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Complete Discography

Bob Mould Sugar Husker Du Misc.

This section contains complete information on all recordings, including: Lyrics and Tablature as worked out by members of the internet music community. Please forgive us for any gaps as we "fill in the blanks".

Bob Mould
Last Dog & Pony (1998)
        Last Dog & Pony Lyrics
        Last Dog & Pony Tablature
Hubcap (1996)
        Hubcap Lyrics
        Hubcap Tablature
Poison Years (1994)
Black Sheets of Rain (1990)
        BSOR Lyrics
        BSOR Tablature
Workbook (1989)
        Workbook Lyrics
        Workbook Tablature
Besides (1995)
        Besides Lyrics
        Besides Tablature
File Under: Easy Listening (1994)
        FU:EL Lyrics
        FU:EL Tablature
Beaster (1993)
        Beaster Lyrics
        Beaster Tablature
Copper Blue (1992)
        Copper Blue Lyrics
        Copper Blue Tablature
Compilation Albums

Husker Du


Living End (1994)
Warehouse... (1987)
        Warehouse Lyrics
        Warehouse Tablature
Candy Apple Grey (1986)
        CAG Lyrics
        CAG Tablature
Eight Miles High (1985)
        Eight Miles High Lyrics
        Eight Miles High Tablature
New Day Rising (1985)
        New Day Rising Lyrics
        New Day RisingTablature
Flip Your Wig (1985)
        Flip Your Wig Lyrics
        Flip Your Wig Tablature
Zen Arcade (1984)
        Zen Arcade Lyrics
        Zen Arcade Tablature
Metal Circus (1983)
        Metal Circus Lyrics
        Metal Circus Tablature
Everything Falls Apart... (1982)
        EFA Lyrics
        EFA Tablature
Land Speed Record (1981)
        Land Speed Record Lyrics
        Land Speed Record Tablature

The 6ths
Soul Asylum
The Zulus
Vic Chestnutt



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